Mini Poll Results

Your Favorite Arch Is?

Which of the following “arches” best represents the St. Louis you love?
  • 84%
    The Gateway Arch, the monument
  • 1%
    Arch Grants, the startup competition
  • 6%
    St. Louis Arches, the youth circus troupe
  • 2%
    Arch Rival Roller Girls, the roller derby league
  • 7%
    Arch City Defenders, a non-profit law group
  • 1%
    Saint Louis Arch Bishops, the chess team
Which of the following local “Archies” carries the name off best?
  • 30%
    Archbishop Robert J. Carlson
  • 19%
    Robert Archibald, former head of the History Museum
  • 8%
    Archie William League, the first air traffic controller
  • 37%
    Archie, the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission’s kids coloring character
  • 3%
    Archie, a town in Cass County
  • 4%
    Archibald, the co-creation of Tony Hale and Tony Biaggne
The Arch, which is managed by the National Park Service, is floodlit in white light many nights between 10 pm and 1 am. The permanent lighting system that does it was installed in 2001. The installation and upkeep of the lights are paid for by a private foundation. It was lit in pink in 2004 by Act of Congress, the only promotional use of the system since the installation of the permanent lighting. Do you think the Arch lighting should be used more often to promote causes or, even, products?
  • 28%
    Light it up for all causes
  • 3%
    Light it up for causes with which I agree
  • 17%
    Light it up when someone will pay for it
  • 52%
    Stay away from causes, paid or otherwise