Mini Poll Results

Is the Price Right?

XL Fox Treat concrete at Ted Drewes: $7.30
St. Louis City business license (new business): $100-$200
Adult ticket to see a move at MX Movies any time on a Wednesday: $5
A year's tuition at a St. Louis charter school: free
Poutine at Urban Chestnut: $8
Lunch special at Union Loafers: $11
A student ticket to some of the Saint Louis Symphony concerts: $10
Lobster roll at Peacemaker: Market Price
Metro monthly pass: $78
A Heart Stopping BLT at Crown Candy Kitchen: $10
Roundtrip airline ticket St. Louis to Tokyo: $732
90 minutes in a float tank at FLOAT STL: $65
Ticket to cheer for the St. Louis Blues: $20
City of St. Louis mug at STL Style: $11.95
General admission to the St. Louis Zoo: free
City Earnings Tax rate: 1%
A year's undergraduate tuition (plus room and board) at Washington University in St. Louis: $66,376
St. Louis Public Library card: free
A jumbo hotdog at Busch: $6.50