Mini Poll: Do You Know the Way to ACA?

How satisfied are you with the medical care and health coverage you and your family now receive?

Very satisfied:
Somewhat satisfied:
Somewhat dissatisfied:
Very dissatisfied:

How well do you understand the federal health care plan that became the Affordable Care Act in 2010?

Very well:
Pretty well:
Only some:
Not very well at all:

From what you know of it, is the Affordable Care Act generally a good idea or a bad idea?

Good idea:
Bad idea:
I have no idea:

In general, what sort of impact will the Affordable Care Act have on you and your family?

Not much of one at all:

As part of the Affordable Care Act, open enrollment for the new health insurance exchanges begins in less than two weeks on October 1 and ends next March 31. People who do NOT have health insurance or lose their coverage in that time period can use the health insurance exchanges to shop for insurance, compare prices and benefits, and sign up for health insurance coverage. How likely are you to sign up for health insurance using one of these exchanges during this time period?

Very likely:
Fairly likely:
Just somewhat likely:
Not likely at all:

To find out A LOT more about how the 2010 health care law can affect your health care, coverage, and costs, click HERE.

Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.