Mini Poll: Drones in St. Louis?

Do you favor or oppose the use of armed unmanned aircraft, or drones, abroad to kill suspected members of Al Qaeda and other terrorists?


Do you favor or oppose the use of armed drones abroad to kill suspected members of Al Qaeda and other terrorists even if they are United States citizens?


Does your answer to either of the two previous questions change if the armed drone strikes take place in the United States instead of in a foreign country?


Do you believe there is a moral difference between using a drone as part of a targeted killing program and using a manned aircraft?


When should the FBI use unarmed drones in the United States?

Only after obtaining a court order:
Only when investigating non-US citizens:
Whenever it makes sense from a law-enforcement standpoint:

With which of the following aspects of formulating a policy about the use of drones by law enforcement in the United States do you agree? [check all that apply]

Usage limits: With a warrant, in an emergency, or when there is reason to believe the drone will collect evidence related to a specific criminal act:
Data retention: Images may be retained only when there is a reasonable suspicion that they contain evidence of a crime:
Policy: Policies for the permissible use of drones must be written down and open to the public:
Accountability: Drones’ use and activities must be subject to open audit:
Weapons: Drones must be unarmed:
None of those is enough. Drones must not be used by law enforcement in the United States:

Which of the following groups should be able to use drones in the United States? (check all that apply)

Environmentalists, other activist groups:
Police departments:
Real estate companies:
Delivery companies:
Movie production companies:
Border patrol:
Emergency rescue personnel:
Sports networks:
Census Takers:


Police Chief Sam Dotson and Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce have expressed interest in the use of drones technology in local law enforcement. Mayor Francis Slay has called for public consideration of when and how drones might be used here. Will the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department deploy a surveillance drone in the next year?


Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.