Mini Poll: 250 is the Really Serious Number

Overall, would the founders of St. Louis be pleased or disappointed with how the city has turned out?


Overall, how proud are you to be a St. Louisan?

Extremely proud:
Very proud:
Moderately proud:
Only a little proud:
Not at all proud:

Organizers of next year’s celebration of the founding of St. Louis needed a shorthand way to refer to the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary. Which of the following would you have chosen?

St. Louis Semiquincentennial:
St. Louis CCL:
[requested mail action okay]:

The actual date of the city’s founding is disputed. Some historians (and Auguste Chouteau himself in a deposition) say it was February 14, 1764. Other historians (and Auguste Chouteau himself in his journal) say it was February 15, 1764. Does the exact date matter to you?


There is some evidence that a French Canadian named De La Joie had settled within the current city limits before Pierre Laclede founded his trading post here in 1764. If this is true, should next year’s celebration acknowledge De La Joie?

Yes, why not?:
No, let's stick to the traditional story:

Early maps did not identify Laclede and Chouteau’s settlement as “St. Louis.” Instead, they called the young village “Pain Court” – French for “short [of] bread.” Would you support changing the name of St. Louis to Pain Court for one day as an acknowledgement of that history?

Yes, why not?:
No, and what is the matter with you people?:

Do you think that it is right that St. Louis County embrace the semiquincentennial as its own celebration, too?

Yes, it is ST LOUIS County:
No, the county was organized in 1812 and formally separated from the city in 1877. Those are their dates to observe.:

Which of the following observances of the semiquincentennial is NOT really planned for next year?

A reenactment of the city’s founding on Laclede’s Landing:
The conversion of 250 parking meters around Saint Louis University to accept French currency:
An outdoor festival called “Burnin’ Love” which includes a concert, hot chocolate, and a sculpture of a burning heart in Grand Basin Lake:
250 ornamental birthday cakes scattered around the region and locatable, geocache style, by smart phone:
A Twitter feed:

Will you purchase and display a St. Louis flag as part of the celebration?

Yes, certainly:
Yes, probably:
I already did and will:

Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.