Mini Poll: Your Views on Guns and Background Checks?

Do you think new gun control laws always interfere with the right to own guns, or do you think it's possible to make new gun control laws without interfering with gun rights?

Always interfere:
Possible not to interfere:

Which do you think should be a higher priority right now: enacting new laws to try to reduce gun violence, or protecting the right to own guns?

Trying to reduce gun violence:
Protecting the right to own guns:

Would you support or oppose a federal law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or online?


Do you think having a gun in the house makes it a safer place to be or a more dangerous place to be?

More dangerous:

Have you, or any close personal friends or relatives of yours, ever been a victim of a crime involving a gun?


If you agreed with a political candidate on other issues, but not on the issue of gun control, could you still vote for that candidate?

Could not:

Do you think that urban areas like St. Louis and Kansas City should have different laws regarding guns than do rural areas of the state?


Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.