Mini Poll: You Betcha? Betting On the Home Team.

Should mayors and governors make wagers distinctive of their cities and states on the outcome of sporting events?

Yes, it gives them an opportunity to promote a product, cause, or idea from their city or state:
No, it's a lame idea:
No, betting is wrong, whatever the cause:

How should elected officials determine what to include in their wagers?

Just stick to the expected things. That's what people expect.:
Try to pick something other than the expected things. That's what makes it interesting.:

Which of the following would be included in a bet that you selected?

Food, like local BBQ, dim sum, wings, tacos, or chowder:
Ice cream (or frozen custard):
Alcoholic beverages, like beer or wine:
Beverages, like root beer or Yoo-hoo:
Music, like a performance of the SLSO or the SLU band:
A stand on an issue, like DC statehood:
Public service, like Habitat or reading to youth:
No bets for me:

If the Cardinals make it to the World Series, or the Rams or the Blues make it to the playoffs this season, would you be willing to help Mayor Slay put together a bet with the mayor of the opposing city?


How, when asked, would you most likely communicate your idea?

I'd sit down and write a letter:

The Mayor of San Francisco jokingly offered to bet the Golden Gate Bridge against the St. Louis Arch on the outcome of the National League Championship Series between the Cardinals and the Giants. Was that a fair wager?

Yes, the two landmarks are approximately equal in "value":
No, the Arch is much more "valuable":
No, the GGB is much more "valuable":
No, but I might have been willing to wager a stretch of Cherokee St. vs a stretch of 24th St.:

Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.