Mini Poll: Fireworks: Blast or Bust?

Has the public fireworks display you usually attend been cancelled this year?

I have never been to a fireworks display:


Should fireworks displays over water, like those under the Arch this week, be banned?

Yes, they present environmental challenges:
No, but there should be an environmental review before a permit is issued:


Do you think the sale, possession, and use of consumer fireworks should be legal?

Yes, statewide:
Yes, but leave it up to local municipalities or counties:
No, they aren't worth the danger:


Should the personal use of some small fireworks, like sparklers, crackers, and bottle rockets be legalized?

Firecrackers should be legal, with restrictions on larger fireworks:
All fireworks should be legal:
No fireworks should be legal:


Should penalties for the possession and use of fireworks be higher during periods of extended heat or drought?



If someone in your neighborhood was shooting backyard fireworks, which of the following courses of action would most likely be your FIRST response?

Join them:
Call the police:
Call the fire department:
Go out and ask them to stop:
Call my neighborhood association:
Ignore them:


Do you think that local police departments do enough to enforce violations of municipal and county bans on the possession and use of fireworks?

Yes, they are thorough:
Yes, save the strict enforcement for the morons who are firing guns into the air:
They do too much. Fireworks shouldn't be illegal:


When do you start shooting backyard fireworks?

Early July:
Sooner than early July:
Just on the 4th:
Never, they are illegal in the City of St. Louis or where I live:
Never, they don't appeal to me:


Where do you get your backyard fireworks?

St. Charles County:
Jefferson County:
Franklin County:
Somewhere else:


Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.