Mini Poll: North Poll

Overall, how do you think Santa Claus will rate you on his list this year, naughty or nice?



With which of these December holidays do you most identify?

John Combest's birthday:
Christmas Day:
First Day of Hanukkah:
First Day of Kwanzaa:
Insight Bowl (Missouri vs. Iowa):
New Year's Eve:
Winter Solstice:


What is your most likely season's greeting this year?

Merry Christmas:
Happy Holidays!:
Happy New Year!:
Bah, humbug!:


With which statement about Nativity scenes on public property do you more agree?

Nativity scenes should not be on public property because the display violates the separation of church and state:
Nativity scenes are OK on public property because the display is part of the historical celebration of Christmas:


If a Nativity scene is placed on public property, do you think a Jewish holiday symbol, such as a Menorah, and other religious symbols, should also be displayed -- or can Christmas decorations be displayed even if symbols from other religions are not?

If Christian symbols are displayed on public property, so should the symbols of other religions:
It's OK to display just Christian symbols:


Do you think it would be a good idea to ban the observance of all religious holidays in the public schools?

A good idea:
A bad idea:


What is your family's favorite St. Louis holiday tradition?

Attending "The Nutcracker":
Watching the Rockettes:
Going to church or temple:
Getting the tree:
Decorating our yard:
Bailing out a family member:
Ice skating at Steinberg:
Sledding at Art Hill:
Shopping Downtown:
Watching college football bowl games:


What is your least favorite holiday tradition?

Being caught under the mistletoe by the office letch:
The neighbor's Griswold-esque outdoor display:
Looking at ugly holiday sweaters:
Shopping during the last week before Christmas:
Shopping at the convenience store or gas station on December 24th:


What do you think about holiday office parties?

Don't skip them; something juicy always happens:
Avoid them at all costs; people get fired later:
I don't work in an office:
I've been banned from my office party:


Which of the following recipes is most likely to describe your holiday eating this year?

Eat and drink whatever I want:
Eat and drink whatever I want, but hit the gym hard later:
I'll try to eat healthy, but I just have to include some holiday treats:
I'll stick to the healthy diet (that elf costume is prety tight):


Who is the all-time best Scrooge?

Jim Backus in Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962):
Albert Finney in Scrooge (1970):
George C. Scott in A Christmas Carol (1984):
Bill Murray in Scrooged (1988):
Michael Caine in The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992):


Which of these is the best Christmas song?

Burl Ives' "It's a Holly Jolly Christmas":
Nat King Cole's "A Christmas Song":
Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby":
Bing Crosby's "A White Christmas":
Destiny's Child singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer":
Paul McCartney’s "Wonderful Christmastime":
The Chipmunks' "The Chipmunk Song":
The Royal Guardsman's "Snoopy's Christmas":
Wham's "Last Christmas":
Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town":
The Beachboys' "Little Saint Nick":
Spike Jones' "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth":
Dean Martin's "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow":
The Ronette's "Frosty The Snowman":


Would you be willing to reach out right now to one person who you think might be having a tough holiday season?



Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.