Mini Poll: Halloween In St. Louis

What are your plans for Halloween?

Stay at home and pass out candy:
Escort the kids (or grandkids/nieces/godchildren) for trick-or-treating:
Attend a Halloween party:
Turn out the lights and pretend not to be at home:
Last minute canvass for the candidate/issue of my choice:
No plans:


If you were dressing up for Halloween, what style costume would (or will!) you wear?

Something traditional, like a pirate or a cat:
Something trendy, like an Avatar or Twilight costume:
Something imaginative, like the Red Water Tower or an iPad:
Something tasty, like a chicken leg or a grilled cheese sandwich:
Something already in my closet, like a bridesmaid dress or sports gear:
Something anti-social, like a mascot costume with a big fur head:
Something complicated, like a two-person horse:


How many trick-or-treaters do you expect at your door this Halloween?

Fewer than 10:
More than 50:


If you have kids, on what night will your kids do most of their trick-or-treating?

No trick-or-treating:


Will you go to a haunted house this year?

No, not unless you mean my in-laws’:


Do you support the St. Louis tradition that trick-or-treaters should arrive with a Halloween joke or riddle?

No, but what happens with a ghost with a ghost who gets lost in the fog? He is mist.:


At what age does trick-or-treating become “unseemly begging in a sheet”?

Never too old to trick-or-treat:


Should lessons about Halloween be part of the curriculum at public schools?

No, and fire the guy who wrote that question.:


Which of the following is the scariest movie?

Psycho (1960):
Night of the Living Dead (1968):
The Exorcist (1973):
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974):
Halloween (1978):
Alien (1979):
The Shining (1980):
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984):
Paranormal Activity (2007):


If St. Louis dressed up for Halloween, what character would we be?

Chicago. We already have neighborhoods to wear:
Paris. We already have plenty of fleur de lis and Frenchy street names:
New Orleans. We already have plenty of Mardi Gras beads:
Los Angeles. We already have the Rams costume:
Sarajevo. We already have plenty of cevapi and burek:
Kansas City. Oops, too scary!!:


Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.