Mini Poll: Observing Labo

Do you approve or disapprove of labor unions?



Do you think unions in the country are too strong, too weak, or about the right strength?

Too strong:
Too weak:
About the right strength:


Thinking about the future, do you think labor unions in this country will become stronger than they are today, the same as they are today, or weaker than they are today?

Will become stronger:
Will get weaker:
Will remain about the same:


Would you, personally, like to see labor unions in this country have more influence than they have today, the same amount as today, or less influence than they have today?

More influence:
Less influence:
About the same:


In the labor disputes of the last two or three years, have your sympathies, in general, been on the side of the unions or on the side of the companies?



Do you believe that union labor in the construction trades is more likely or less likely to be of good quality than non-union labor?

More likely:
Less likely:
They are about the same:


Do you believe that teachers and public safety officers should be allowed to strike?

Yes, both groups should be allowed to strike:
Teachers, but not public safety officers, should be allowed to strike:
Public safety officers, but not teachers, should be allowed to strike:
Neither teachers nor public safety officers should be allowed to strike:


What is the most important workplace issue that unions protect?

Safety of the employees:
Wages of the employees:
Fairness in promotions:
Work rules:
Job security for employees:
Quality of the work produced:
Something else:


Will there be a National Football League players strike or lockout in 2011?



Would you rather have a job working for the government or working for a business?



Compared to 20 years ago, do you think the types of jobs now available in this country require different backgrounds and skills than they used to 20 years ago, or do the jobs available now require about the same backgrounds and skills?

About the same:


Would you describe St. Louis has a union-friendly city?



Have you ever marched in the annual St. Louis Labor Day parade or been downtown to watch it?

Yes, to marching and watching:
Yes, to marching:
Yes, to watching:


Do you or someone in your household belong to a labor union?

I am a retired member of a labor union:


Which of the following factors is most important to your own financial security right now, your work, investments, inheritance, or good luck?

Good luck:


Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.