Mini Poll: Hello, Neighbor

How long have you lived in your current neighborhood?

Less than a year:
A few years:
A decade or so:
Several decades:
My whole life, which is a long time:


How well do you know your next door neighbors?

I know them as well as my own family:
I know a lot about them, but not everything:
I know something about them:
I just know their names:
I don't know anything about them:
I don't really have next-door neighbors:


How much do you like your next door neighbors?

I love them like family:
I like them well enough:
My feelings are neutral:
I dislike them:
I despise them:
I don't really have next-door neighbors:


Do you know as much about your next door neighbors as they know about you?

I don't really have next-door neighbors:


Does your neighborhood have block parties?

Yes, all the time:
Yes, once in a while:
I don't know:


Is there another neighborhood to which you would like to move?



How much would you like the following things as neighbors?

  A lot Some Not very much Not at all, but I'd stay Not at all, and I'd move

Busch Stadium

11% 18% 21% 12% 39%


23% 44% 18% 10% 5%

Elementary School

17% 37% 26% 12% 9%

Fire House

18% 36% 26% 12% 9%

High School

6% 19% 38% 21% 15%

Metro Station

33% 24% 18% 10% 14%


81% 15% 2% 1% 1%

Parking Lot

5% 14% 37% 26% 19%

Police Station

26% 37% 24% 8% 6%


14% 31% 22% 18% 15%


Which of the following people would you most like to have as a next door neighbor?

President Obama:
Oprah Winfrey:
Tony LaRussa:
Justin Bieber:
Lady Gaga:


Which of the following City officials would you most like to have as a next door neighbor?

Police Chief Dan Isom:
Mayor Francis Slay:
Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson:
The alderman:
City Treasurer/Parking Czar Larry Williams:


Is it OK to use your neighbor's wi-fi?

Yes, if they wanted it private they would put a good password on it:
Yes, as long as they know about it:
No, that's stealing/wrong:
What is wi-fi:


Would you report your neighbors to the Citizens Service Bureau for not mowing their yard?

Yes, in a heartbeat:
Yes, if it started attracting bugs/rats or grew over the top of the house:
No, I would mow it myself:


Do you believe in your heart that the parking spot on the street in front of your home "belongs" to you?

Yes, it does:


Note: Due to rounding, results for some questions may not total 100%.