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Posted on 02.18.12
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  • Posted on 02.18.12

Each week, this website offers a "mini-poll" ' a short poll on a topic meant to engage your attention and your mind. Between a thousand and three thousand people usually respond each week, depending to the topic. Since anyone can fill them out and, most weeks, vote as many times as they like, the polls are neither predictive nor representative. Mostly, they are informative.

Over the years, we have done almost 350 of the polls. Earlier this week, the website staff reported a first: a hand-written set of answers to one of the recent polls that had been mailed to the campaign headquarters. The respondent, who does not live in the City of St. Louis, wanted us to register her opinions about a series of hypothetical ordinances, statutes, and regulations. "Not everyone has a computer," she wrote in explanation for having mailed in her responses. From her answers, she is a thoughtful progressive. Her views are noted, with my thanks.