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Posted on 05.02.05
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  • Posted on 05.02.05

Here’s more thought on my last topic.

Why will riverfront development work now?

  • New residents — phenomena of the just past five years — have brought energy, consumer demand, and high levels of interest to downtown.
    Events like Riversplash and the successful Final Four week have created new senses of civic pride and "ownership" throughout the region.

  • There are coordinated federal, state, local, and private efforts — and visions — in place for most of the major projects: decking Interstate 70, developing the central riverfront, using the Metro East riverfront, expanding riverfront planning to include more than "the space between the bridges."

  • Downtown Now and the Downtown Partnership are finally working like they were always supposed to work.

  • We have better planners and smarter City development officials.

  • The example of Washington Avenue is proof to investors that they can make money downtown.

    The directors of the Great Rivers Greenway District will meet tonight to announce the team that will spend the next year creating a Master Plan for the Downtown Riverfront. A dozen teams, composed of great firms from St. Louis and from across the nation, submitted responses to a Request for Qualifications.

    If we want a world-class riverfront, we’ll have one.