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Posted on 11.20.05
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  • Posted on 11.20.05

A Chicago-based sports consulting firm has surveyed the nation and concluded that Chicago is the “best sports city” in the US.

According to the firm’s president, Chicago gets the nod over its rivals because of its great teams, memorable sportsmen, trade-mark sports businesses, and its loyal fans.

My answer: Stan the Man, 3 Busch Stadiums, Super Bowl XXXIV, Rawlings and The Sporting News, the Panda Athletic Club, Satchel Paige, Gibby, Jack Buck, Vashon, Bellerive, the 2005 Final Four, the Steamers, whatever a Billiken is, “Cool Papa” Bell, a steak at Mike Shannon’s, Bob Broeg, Bob Pettit, the Gas House Gang, Hale Irwin, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, any game/any day on a Forest Park field, the Bowling Hall of Fame, some guys named Spinks, the Big Red, Hull’s 50 in 50, number 70, Dwight Davis, the old Arena, the Wizard, Bill DeWitt, the Strangler, the Streetcar Series, Willie McGee, and St. Louis fans . . .

No wonder they call Chicago “the Windy City”!