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Posted on 11.16.07
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  • Posted on 11.16.07

Yes, Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog belongs in Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame as a manager. The ex-Cardinals skipper and GM brought Whiteyball - the strategy of winning ballgames with a grinding mix of defense, speedy baserunning, and pitching - to Busch Stadium. In a great post-playing career, Whitey Herzog and his teams won six division titles, three pennants, and the World Series. That’s why I hope that the Veterans Committee elects The White Rat when it considers candidates next month.

But, I also agree with Ray Mileur and other baseball bloggers that former Cardinals manager William Harrison Southworth is an underrated contender who also deserves the HOF nod. Billy Southworth is known as the manager who brought curfews and team rules to an unruly Redbirds team, establishing a standard of decorum that still characterizes the organization. On the field, his Cardinals teams won three pennants and two World Series. He also played on the Cards’ World Championship team in 1926; and won another pennant as the manager of the Boston Braves. Billy the Kid deserves to be in the Hall.

The Veterans Committee will vote on December 2. It will take 75 percent of the votes to win selection to the HOF. I’m hoping for two Cardinals winners.