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Posted on 06.27.09
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  • Posted on 06.27.09

Governor Jay Nixon will not allow $12 million of state and federal funds to be spent now for the St. Louis region’s effort to build a China freight hub at Lambert Airport. Mr. Nixon froze $10 million of funding for the project “until the economy improves” and vetoed an additional $2 million included in the state budget by the Missouri General Assembly. The cuts were part of $430 million in statewide capital projects and expenses that Mr. Nixon vetoed from the budget or froze. Mr. Nixon noted in his announcement that state revenues “are not headed in the right direction.”

This is a disappointing decision by the governor, but it certainly does not end the region’s pursuit of the hub.

It does, however, raise a question: When the national economy finally improves, which states will be best prepared to take advantage of opportunities?