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Posted on 04.09.09
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  • Posted on 04.09.09

Back to blogging - fittingly, about new media.

A reader’s comment posted beneath a recent item on stltoday.com, the media website owned by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, asked whether the story was going to be covered by the newspaper.

It was, by that posting.

A lot of news - local, national, personal - is covered on-line these days, some of it only on-line. According to the Pew Research Center, the internet surpasses all other media, except TV, as a source for national and international news. Among people under 30, the internet is the preeminent news source. A lot of us have noticed.

I decided four years ago to use this website to pass along information, because I felt that I could tell a longer and more accurate story, more often, to more people than if I relied solely on traditional media. That decision raised a few eyebrows then, but it is absolutely uncontroversial now.

Our local daily newspaper is smaller and slimmer today than it was five years ago, but the Post-Dispatch’s actual news coverage has become more timely and - often - more interesting because of the organization’s commitment to stltoday.com and the ability of its journalists to move into new media.

I follow news everywhere - and so should you.