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Posted on 10.11.12
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  • Posted on 10.11.12

Several people have brought to my attention the (continuing) removal of a sign (PEVELY) atop the former Pevely Dairy building by its owner. You asked if the work was legal ' and safe.

The City's Building Division reports that the removal of this sign does not require a permit. The Cultural Resources Office reports that, were such a permit required, it would not have the authority under the Preservation Review District ordinance to deny it, because removing the sign does not meet the definition of demolishing the building, which is in such a district. So, legal.

The Building Commissioner did visit the work site on Tuesday. He reports that the proper equipment in present and reasonable safety precautions, including roping off the sidewalk, have been taken. He will continue monitor the situation, particularly since there has already been an accident on the site.