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Posted on 10.02.05
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  • Posted on 10.02.05

Writers and editors at the St. Louis Business Journal are working on an issue commemorating 25 years of publication. They haven’t asked me for a testimonial, but I am giving them one anyway.

The Biz Journal has broken some of the region’s most important business stories — and its pages offer the paper’s readers important insights into the decisions and strategies of St. Louis’s businesses and decision-makers. Our top economic development officials, Barb Geisman, Rodney Crim, and Rollin Stanley, read the Biz Journal every week. So do I.

Publisher Ellen Sherberg is a force of nature. Barb and I rely on her judgment — and, often, presume on her good will and energy to advance some civic cause.

The Missouri Press Association recently presented eight awards to the Biz Journal, including statewide honors for the best local business coverage for a weekly newspaper. Ellen, Editor Patricia Miller, and their reporters deserved it.