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Posted on 03.06.13
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  • Posted on 03.06.13

We won.

It was not an easy campaign, despite the wide margin of victory.

This is a city of many neighborhoods, each with its own set of interests. This is a city of a lot of government, with many different centers of power. And this is a city with a population more diverse than any other in the state. To win in such a city requires an extraordinary campaign.

Fortunately, I had all of you on my side and the most RELENTLESS campaign in this city's history.

St. Louis voters have done something they have never done before: they have given a mayor a good chance for a fourth four-year term by giving me the Democratic nomination.

I am grateful. And humbled. I will proudly carry the party's banner into the general election on April 2.

Outlining the full agenda for a fourth term must wait until after that general election. I have never been the kind of candidate who took voters for granted.

But, I will say this: If voters in April agree with voters in March, I will dedicate the next four years to making a city that is safer, cleaner, healthier, more welcoming to immigrants and young people; a city that is more compassionate and thoughtful and humane; a city that celebrates its diversity, its architecture, its artists, its local businesses, its schools, and its river.

I will not do this alone. I will not do it without the continued support of my FB community.

The plan for the next month is this: today, we catch our breaths; tomorrow, our campaign begins again with goal of winning on April 2 and I go back to City Hall to run a great city.