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Posted on 06.09.07
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  • Posted on 06.09.07

What is it about the City that we miss when we travel? For many of us, it’s the water. We’d recognize it anywhere — and miss it everywhere else. What comes out of the taps in most other cities just seems to lack the qualities that characterize St. Louis City water. The World’s Largest Brewery knows this — and puts the source of its most essential ingredient on every great tasting bottle. And, apparently, a “celebrity panel of judges” also agrees.

The US Conference of Mayors has sent me note saying that St. Louis water was one of five finalists selected by its panel from among ninety three contenders to compete for the title of Best Tasting City Water in America. The winning water — based on taste, clarity, and aroma — will be selected during the 75th Annual Meeting of the US Conference of Mayors later this month.

The contest highlights the efforts of cities around the country to provide good water service to their residents. And it reminds us how important public water infrastructure is.

For the curious, the other four finalists are Anaheim, Colorado Springs, Long Beach, and Toledo.

I’ll let you know how we do.