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Posted on 07.13.11
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  • Posted on 07.13.11

A toddler died after shooting herself with a gun she apparently found in a parent's bedroom. Two other toddlers and infant were found alone in a van while their mother reportedly finished dinner in a restaurant. The tragedy and could-have-been tragedy are important wake-up calls for the community. Nothing in your life is more precious than your children. Neglectful, thoughtless and irresponsible actions on your part can place your children at risk for long term disability or death and ruin your life. Your children are responsibilities that you may not shirk.

City government works hard, with more or less success, to make neighborhoods safer and healthier for our kids, and to provide safe, enriching places for children before, during, and after school. Many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, counselors, and other care-givers sacrifice much to make children feel safe, loved, and hopeful about the future.

Bad or careless parents can undo everything.