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Posted on 01.15.07
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  • Posted on 01.15.07

No voter ID law should make it more difficult - or more expensive - for eligible voters to cast ballots. Readers know that I believe that obtaining a mandated voter ID should be cost free and easy - and that I think the state supreme court acted correctly in throwing out a badly conceived voter photo-ID law last year.

According to press accounts, a new bill in Jefferson City will try to address deficiencies found in the version that was thrown out by the court. MissouriNet says that state Sen. Delbert Scott’s new draft will include public funding to eliminate the financial barrier to voting imposed by the cost of getting the ID’s supporting documents; will delay any implementation of voter ID requirement so that voters and election authorities have ample time and opportunity to prepare for the changes; and will be broadened in scope to address the sorts of voter registration crimes that are more likely to happen than voter ID fraud.

These sound like good changes, but Sen. Scott should go even further.

Any new voter photo-ID law for Missouri should also address other potential sources of voting problems: intimidation during the absentee voting period; the security and accuracy of new voting technologies; and the condition of voter registration lists. And to make Missouri’s voting even safer and more reliable, the law should increase and standardize the training given to state, local, and temporary election officials; and it should provide for early voting

I could support a bill that did all those things.