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Posted on 07.17.05
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  • Posted on 07.17.05

I’ve mentioned before the hundreds of invitations that I receive to welcome/bid farewell, celebrate/mourn, open/close, tour/inspect . . . all sorts of things in all kinds of places. I accept as many of those invitations as I can — and I often ask members of my staff to attend others in my place.

Sometimes, though, the invitation goes in the other direction: my staff schedules dozens of individuals and groups a month to stop by City Hall for a chat/photo/cup of coffee with me. And other times, people — including a surprising number of tourists — drop by on the chance that I am available to visit.

I was just about to send a copy of the image on the right to some recent visitors — very well-mannered) Girl Scouts from St. Gabriel’s who were in City Hall recently.