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Posted on 05.21.05
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  • Posted on 05.21.05

It is no mere metaphor that we refer to police officers as crime fighters. Their jobs as law enforcers often put them face to face with men and women determined to break laws — too often, violently.

Removing the most persistent offenders from City streets is a task assigned to three special police units: anti-crime, mobile reserve, and most violent offenders. Members of these 3 elite units are currently working together as part of our “Violent Crime Initiative.”

Between May 8th and May 14th — a single recent week — officers working on the Violent Crime Initiative:

  • Arrested 54 adults and 4 juveniles on 172 charges, including 10 fugitive warrants

  • Recovered 8 weapons, including a sawed off rifle and a sawed off shotgun

  • Recovered or seized 9 vehicles

    When the FY2006 budget was presented to the Board of Estimate & Apportionment recently, it projected a drop in SLMPD manpower and capabilities — including an end to the Crime Initiative.

    Working with Chief Joe Mokwa (who re-arranged parts of his budget) and Aldermanic President Jim Shrewsbury (who offered constructive suggestions on economies), and taking advantage of a grant from the US Department of Justice, I was able to forward a budget to the Board of Aldermen that preserves police manpower and maintains the Crime Initiative.

    The Board of Aldermen have begun consideration of the FY2006 budget E&A sent them. I strongly support the revision that preserves the Violent Crime Initiative.

    Read BB1, the FY2006 City Budget (PDF)