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Posted on 05.26.07
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  • Posted on 05.26.07

One of the most interesting notes I received this month was from local film maker Carson Minow. Readers of this site know that Carson is the “videograblogger” (her term) who creates the St. Louis Traffic pieces on MayorSlay.com.

Carson wanted me to understand how important she thought the Missouri Film Production Tax Credit was for her industry. To make her point, she not only sent me a note explaining her position in favor of the tax credit program — but she also posted a video on my website documenting the production of the most recent feature film being shot in St. Louis. You can watch her video, “Kingshighway,” here.

According to Carson, national and international film makers already like Missouri’s four dissimilar seasons; our unfamiliar (to most East and West Coasters) urban landscapes; and our stock of skilled technical personnel and talent. She was worried, though, that some false economy might eliminate the credit. In fact, the General Assembly enhanced the program this year making both large and small feature film makers more likely to choose Missouri (and use Missouri resources) for their projects. The bill is now on the governor’s desk awaiting signature.

I hope Gov. Matt Blunt signs it — and I hope that Carson Minow finds herself behind a camera on the next major movie production shot in Missouri.