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Posted on 01.11.12
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  • Posted on 01.11.12

Later today, the City's Planning Commission is scheduled to review the draft of an ordinance imagined and researched by members of my Vanguard Cabinet. The Bike Parking Ordinance (BPO) will require developments of a certain size and cost to incorporate bicycle parking into their plans. The BPO is aimed at most redevelopment and new construction more $1 million, and it allows developers to offset required car spaces with bicycle spaces, saving money while doing good.

This proposed ordinance is noteworthy.

It makes an important statement that the City of St. Louis is dedicated to supporting cycling as an important and legitimate means of transportation. As the City of St. Louis grows younger and more active, it is important that we provide a built environment that supports the lifestyles and sustainable urbanism that City residents have come to expect.

It also is a testament to how City government has evolved. This bill was not originally generated by city departments nor by members of the Board of Aldermen - though both have been supportive. A lot of the hard work on this bill - researching it, refining it, and building institutional consensus - was done by the Vanguard Cabinet, a group of young residents I convened to integrate new voices into the process of government.

I applaud their work on this issue, which I hope to see as law sometime this year. Working together, we can do a lot more of this.