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Posted on 01.04.07
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  • Posted on 01.04.07

One of the things that most irks people about government is the suspicion that regulations and paperwork sometimes carry more weight than common sense. Stories like the one I read in today’s newspaper that recounts a decision by a City Hall bureaucrat to deny renewal of a disabled parking space to a blind resident just make me shake my head.

As disability rights attorney David Newburger tells me: The advantage of providing the blind person the parking space is that she can know how to move independently between car and home without having assistance of somebody. For example, she and her husband might come home with groceries, he might need to take something to the garage while she shuttles groceries in several trips to the home. Without the parking space she may not have that opportunity.

I plan to call the resident and apologize.

The resident’s alderman has written an ordinance that adds blindness to the reasons a disabled parking space can be used — and I will sign it into law when the full Board of Aldermen passes it. It’s too bad, though, that there’s no way to legislate common sense.