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Posted on 10.20.07
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  • Posted on 10.20.07

On Monday afternoon, the City’s Preservation Board is scheduled to vote on a plan to install a new public garden on the Gateway Mall.

The garden, if approved, will be built on the two City blocks bounded by Eighth and Tenth Streets and Market and Chestnut Streets. Both blocks are now vacant.

Last June, I called the Gateway Foundation’s offer to pay for an urban garden’s development one of the most important gifts the City had received in years. Now that I have seen Nelson Byrd Woltz’s plan — which includes extensive plantings, several water features, decorative walls, a restaurant, and space for two dozen major works of art — I am even more enthusiastic about the idea — and grateful to the Gateway Foundation.

A favorable vote by the Preservation Board is an important step toward final approval of the project. The staff of the Cultural Resources Office and Planning Director Rollin Stanley have recommended approval.

So do I.