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Posted on 10.07.05
  • 2 min read
  • Posted on 10.07.05

1. I asked readers to help me find the City’s oldest resident — and the resident who has lived here the longest. So far, we have heard from several people in their 80s — and from some people who have lived in the same City house or neighborhood for 70+ years. Any more?

2. In early June, I told you about plans by the new owners of Union Station to revitalize the historic downtown terminal. Some of those renovations have now begun. Train-spotters will notice ongoing tuck-pointing and stucco repair. Other projects will begin soon. The construction is scheduled for completion in spring 2006.

3. The City Museum made another appearance in the New York Times — the third or fourth time this year. This time, the Museum’s Bob Cassilly explained to NYT readers that he had no idea at all what he would put at the top of the metal beanstalk he has been building at his Washington Avenue venue. It makes me smile to think of the rest of the world scanning the NYT to find out the answers to questions we can answer by driving over and looking.

4. Target: open.

5. A couple more details on the Downtown Traffic Study I announced in June: Downtown Now! says that 100 copies of the survey were distributed to downtown’s stakeholders — 43 groups, companies, or individuals completed the surveys. A meeting will be scheduled for mid-November to collect public feedback on draft recommendations.

6. The street at Maryland Plaza in the CWE will re-open in three weeks. Work on the new "performing" fountain is almost done, too. Sam Koplar promises that announcements about new retail tenants are "imminent."