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Posted on 12.14.09
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  • Posted on 12.14.09

Every legislator develops a style to represent the best interests of their constituents.

For US Senator Claire McCaskill, still serving her first term, it is an unblinking vigilance against waste in spending — and a compassionate heart for our community’s most disadvantaged and citizens citizens. She is a scourge of scoundrels; a friend of seniors and children.

For US Senator Kit Bond, now approaching retirement after four full terms in the Senate, it is the ability to use his influence and experience to support projects of major importance to the cities and rural areas of Missouri. His knowledge of the state is encyclopedic; his ability to find federal funds for local projects is unmatched. In legislation approved by the Senate last week, Sen. Bond managed to find ways to help St. Louis area veterans, homeless people, and sick kids; and to aid important economic initiatives into plant research at the Danforth Center and at the proposed China trade hub. If there are going to be earmarks in federal spending bills, some of them should benefit St. Louis and Missouri.

We are lucky to have both senators.