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Posted on 09.27.13
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  • Posted on 09.27.13

We are fortunate to have the passion, talent and dedication of the Unlimited Play team coming to the City of St. Louis.

O'Fallon Park and Wilmore Park will be the next two parks to get makeovers to make them better suited for all kids and their families.

Play is a critical part of the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of every child. But, the reality is, traditional playgrounds are not built for everyone.

These re-thought playgrounds are universally accessible. That means kids in wheelchairs and parents with artificial limbs can play freely in the same space as their peers.

Unlimited Play playgrounds - and others built with the same philosophy - are more inclusive, more accessible, and more fun. They create an environment where limitations are forgotten and differences are celebrated.

Eventually, every City park with a playground should look like these.