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Posted on 06.12.07
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  • Posted on 06.12.07

One of the advantages of a blog is that its publication does not depend on the fixed schedules of printers and delivery trucks. That probably explains why the local daily newspaper editorialized that I should order an independent review of a death at the city jail several days after I mentioned in this space that I had ordered an independent investigation. Paper is slower than cyberspace.

Like the newspaper and Ms. Kimble’s family, I wanted to know why there seemed to be some important discrepancies among the various accounts of firefighters, paramedics, jail medical personnel, and administrators. That’s what I expect the investigation by the City’s legal department to tell me.

I also asked for another investigation last week, this one by the police department of an anonymous allegation that City firefighters had been ordered to work on private projects while on duty or while using fire department equipment. If they were, I would like to know why, where, by whom, and how often.

Both investigations will go wherever the evidence takes them. I want answers to my questions - and you deserve answers to yours.