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Posted on 11.12.09
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  • Posted on 11.12.09

I asked my Twitter followers yesterday: Which street that you regularly cross do you find most difficult? #fgs

Here are some of their answers, all of which I will forward to the operating departments. Thanks to everyone who participated.

@ChloDubs: fopo parkway

@Parkerson: Tucker at Wash. Ave., traveling north on Tucker.

@MarkJZinn: The Intersection of Forest Park and Grand near SLU’s campus is a nightmare. Students and motorists cause hazards to each other!

@Stlcolleen: Washington Avenue at 3rd/Memorial/Eads Bridge, just west of Hwy. 70. It’s AWFUL. And yet often frequented by tourists.

@Pistl: How about closing of Euclid, just south of FP pkwy?

@CamDawson: KINGSHIGHWAY!!!!!!

@Downtownstlouis: Tucker @ Washington is usually the hardest to cross. @ Locust is difficult too.

@Downtownstlouis: Tucker. The light turns yellow by the time you get halfway across. It’s really difficult and intimidating.

@Tmueller73: The most difficult street I cross is Oakland between SLUH and STL TV... those medians are the worst

@Sethteel: Chestnut across N. Memoral Dr.to the Arch: Bad traffic, tall curbs, aesthetically unpleasing, unusable by cyclists & disabled.

@Angelabingaman: crossing the FPP at any point is difficult.

@Bkauling: 11th & Market light takes forever. Would rather take 9th through city garden.

@Adamstue: Or really from Southwest to Dale.

@Adamstue: macausland

@Murraysm: Kingshighway @ Forest Park

@murraysm: Crossing Kingshighway on foot anywhere on eastern edge of Forest Park is a dangerous turnoff that causes many to drive to Park.

@Mikegrau: Arsenal on the west side of the intersection at Grand is pretty tough (on SE corner of TGP)

@Jprossjr worst street crossing: Grand Dr. in Carondelet Park. Terrible for pedestrians

@JasonMStokes: at Truman. Inadequate sidewalks, high speed traffic, no calming. It’s scary.

@Jessluther: McCausland turning onto Manchester. Shortest left turn light, busy intersection.

@Elsicomoro: The intersection at Bevo Mill has got to be the one of the most bizarre in the City if not the worst.

@JaeChick: kingshighway...any cross street between Waterman & Lindell. Drivers all all sorts of crazy!

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