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Posted on 01.13.11
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  • Posted on 01.13.11

An interesting question, via Twitter. What permits do you need to shoot a film in the City of St. Louis?

Actually, none. There are no film permits, per se. However, if you and your crew needed to close a street or a curb lane, you would have to notify the Street Department and get a permit. The same if you wanted to put your crew in a city park. You'd have to call the Parks Department and get a permit.

You do not need permission to film the Arch (a national monument) or public buildings. However, you will need the National Parks Service's permission to go on the Arch grounds. Metro has a security policy.

On high profile private property or property controlled by a private entity ' Busch Stadium, the Landing, City Museum, one of the great historic home museums ' you would need their permission.

Beyond that, use common sense: If you are shooting on the Eads Bridge, stay in the walking/biking lane and do not impede traffic.

Need help with any of this? Start with Ann Chance (chancea@stlouiscity.com), the City's Director of Special Events.