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Posted on 11.02.09
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  • Posted on 11.02.09

I am urging friends in St. Louis County to vote YES on two proposals on tomorrow’s ballot there.

A YES vote on Proposition N, a modest smoke-free ordinance, will make St. Louis County restaurants safer for their employees and more pleasant for everyone else. It will also trigger implementation of a wider-ranging ordinance in the City of St. Louis.

A YES vote on E-911 will, among other things, begin connecting the County’s 100 or so police and fire departments to each other and will make it possible for emergency operators to locate callers more quickly.

I believe that County officials will be watching the E-911 vote closely to see how to approach the county’s very strong need for more reliable and safe public transportation. The failure of a one-tenth of a cent sales tax for emergency communications would not bode well for the chances of passing a one-half cent sales tax for Metro.

Reporter/blogger Jake Wagman has opined, only slightly tongue-in-cheek, that the Yanks/Phillies game may produce more combined runs (9, he predicts) than the county’s voter turn-out percentage (8, he projects). I hope more voters than that turn out.

Here in the City, voters will elect Joe Keaveny as our new state senator. We have already approved a smoke-free ordinance and passed funding for emergency radios.