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Posted on 03.21.09
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  • Posted on 03.21.09

The Associated Press reported an interesting story this weekend about a search for the location of a time capsule supposedly buried 50 years ago marking Santa Fe, New Mexico’s 350th anniversary. The search was being conducted by a committee planning a celebration for that city’s 400th anniversary, which will be observed later this year.

It turns out that the tersemicentennial capsule, which was to be filled with “contemporary items pertinent to the anniversary,” had never been buried at all. According to the AP, the official responsible for the project told the local newspaper forty years ago that he had been “too busy” with more pressing tasks at the time to complete the project. The capsule was subsequently found doing duty as a shelf in the back room of an office machine business.

The story made me wonder. Do we know where all the time capsules are in the City of St. Louis?

I know that there are at least four of them in Forest Park. I was there the day the 1904 World’s Fair Charitable Foundation announced that it would bury three time capsules near Cabanne House in 2005 — and I read that St. Louis Variety had buried another one at the park’s Visitors Center in the same year.

There’s a metal time capsule welded to the Arch’s keystone that contains, among things, the names of "762,000 local students and well-wishers." When I worked up the street, I used to walk past the site of a time capsule buried in 1958 at the corner of Olive and Broadway. And another capsule, buried in 1982 at the Missouri Botanical Garden by its staff, will be opened in 2059, the 200th anniversary of the Garden’s establishment.

Do you know of any others in the City? If so, send me an email, mayorslay@mayorslay.com. If you can add to the list, I will publish it here.