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Posted on 12.01.07
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  • Posted on 12.01.07

Earlier this week, thanks to an introduction from US Rep. Russ Carnahan and his office, I visited with the staff of Summer Bay Resorts. It was a visit you ought to know more about.

Summer Bay is owned by Joe H. Scott, Sr., a Missouri entrepreneur whose diverse group of companies spans a variety of industries — including hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, commercial property, and retail.

For a little while now, Summer Bay has been quietly moving its employees from locations all over the country to 100 N. Tucker, a building formerly owned by AT&T and now owned by Mr. Scott. Summer Bay now has more than 100 employees located on Tucker and plans to grow its downtown St. Louis presence to 300 employees over the next year. Many of these Summer Bay employees are from (or have moved to) the City, and the company is finding its downtown location to be very useful in attracting new employees who can benefit from its accessibility.

Mr. Scott’s Summer Bay owns properties all over the country, including (according to its website) “hotel facilities, villas, condominiums, and vacation homes nestled together to create vibrant communities.” Summer Bay resorts are in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Gatlinburg, and here in Missouri. Summer Bay’s Missouri resort was developed in conjunction with Crown Valley Winery, also owned by Mr. Scott and located in scenic (and historic) Ste. Genevieve County. (If you have seen the recent mentions of Ste. Genevieve as “Ste. Genevieve wine country” — that’s some of Mr. Scott’s re-branding campaign!)

I am happy to welcome Summer Bay, its employees, and Mr. Scott to the City.