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Posted on 03.16.07
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  • Posted on 03.16.07

A handful of students from the St. Louis Public Schools are camped out at City Hall. They hope to make their voices heard in the debate over the district’s future. I respect these young people. They are, in fact, why I am fighting to improve public education in the City.

The students came to City Hall, in part, because some adults told them that if the district loses state accreditation, its good students won’t be able to go to college. I reassured the worried students that would not be the case. And a well-researched story in today’s newspaper agrees.

I have met with these students — and have agreed to meet with them again. But, I also think they ought to be back in school now. Unfortunately, the adults who are “advising” them, including current members of the school board and senior district administrators, have convinced the students to remain out of school.

I believe in the kids as much as ever. But, the continuing tactics of the district’s adults leave me more convinced than ever that state intervention is the best hope for the students’ future.