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Posted on 08.27.12
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  • Posted on 08.27.12

We are determined to stop the violence and make ALL of our neighborhoods safer.

Last week, Chief Dan Isom announced his police department's latest initiative against escalating gun violence. He asked all of his officers to be more visible and more proactive ' and he announced important changes to the department's deployment that will put more officers into neighborhoods most likely to have problems ' at the times they most likely to have them. In my experience, when our police department focuses its collective resolve on a problem, it can accomplish great things.

This week, Congressman Lacy Clay attended a briefing of the City's Public Safety Task Force to learn what we are doing and to add his voice, experience, and seniority to the effort. He was particularly interested in the hot-spot policing and anti-gang initiatives. I told him that I had asked the City's budget office to find $200,000 for additional police overtime to support the programs ' and that we had also sought $400,000 of federal grant money to pay for even more overtime on the anti-gang side.

The Congressman was an avid listener, offered good suggestions, and brought a federal grant to fund a youth intervention program with him. He also offered his support to the local control ballot initiative.