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Posted on 10.04.13
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  • Posted on 10.04.13

Everywhere I go, people are talking about the momentum in this region.

A big reason for that is our work to foster and encourage small business growth.

We began as a city of small businesses. During much our history, those businesses were our life's blood. Large companies only came later as businesses and specialties consolidated.

If you have followed the economic news over the past several years, you know that we are returning to our roots, becoming - once again - a start-up city.

Arch Grants.

These initiatives - and others - are ones that have caught the nation's eye.

Over the next year, dozens of new companies will start here. And, to make sure that they stay here as well, we have set a $100,000,000 goal to keep companies, ideas, and jobs in our City.

Larger companies have a role to play, too. I want them to ask their vendors to consider moving their operations to St. Louis. If they need something done to make that decision, we'll try to do it.

This is a civic priority.