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Posted on 01.02.17
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  • Posted on 01.02.17
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  • Gerard Craft
  • Bruce Franks
  • Bill McClellan
  • Marie-Helene Bernard
  • Jim Kavanaugh

The MayorSlay.com “St. Louis Person of the Year” poll offers a chance for readers to pick someone who most influenced local news.

As usual, this year’s list drew lots of attention, almost 30,000 votes-worth. The clear winners were chef Gerard Craft, state representative Bruce Franks, and newspaper columnist Bill McClellan. St. Louis Symphony exec Marie-Helene Bernard and soccer/hockey exec Jim Kavanaugh both garnered impressive individual vote totals.

And, also as usual, there were voting hijinks. Twelve people voted more than 100 times; 3 people (or bots) voted more than 500 times; 1 person, who apparently enjoys fine dining and local politics, voted more than 19,000 times.

Congratulations to everyone who made a newsmaking difference in 2016. And thanks to everyone (and everybot) who voted.  You now have a new year in which to make a difference.  Make it count.

Happy New Year!