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Posted on 09.28.05
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  • Posted on 09.28.05

I like the new St. Louis Magazine. It has an energy and a voice that some of its same-named predecessors lacked. But, being a serious magazine means getting taken seriously.

That’s why I’m writing this.

A "special advertising section" in the October issue promised “profiles of our town’s most successful businesswomen.” I certainly congratulate those selected, but I could not help but notice the number of smiling white faces.

A more accurate representation of successful local businesswomen might have included:

Mary “One” and Roz Johnson, a pair of high-powered sibs who run Mary One’s two companies
Laurna Godwin, partner and co-founder of Vector Communications
Brenda Newberry, founder of the Newberry Group
Sharilyn Franklin, founder and exec veep of Fuse
Frankie Muse Freeman, a prominent local attorney
MB Officer, CEO of Officer Funeral Homes
Betty Jean Kerr, CEO of People’s Health Centers
Deb Patterson, president of the Monsanto Fund
Marian Rhodes, a top veep at the St. Louis Cardinals and a veteran MSD trustee
Adrian Bracy, a senior veep at the St. Louis Rams
M. Darnetta Clinkscale, the Patient Care Director at BJC and president of the St. Louis Public School Board
Myrle Mensey, the director of Player Development at President Casino

Besides having great business skills and impressive accomplishments, these powerhouses are African Americans. They should not be overlooked.