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Posted on 08.07.07
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  • Posted on 08.07.07

There’s something very urban about cooling off in a street or yard sprinkler. While this heat advisory continues, City residents will be able to find wet relief in sprinklers at the following locations: Mark Twain Community, 5316 Ruskin; South Public Square Park; 7700 S. Broadway; Gamble Center, 2907 Gamble; Buder Center, 2900 Hickory; Windsor Place, 3835 Windsor Pl.; Turner Park, W. Belle & Sarah and Leisure Park, 12th & Park.

The water will be on around the clock. Stop by and try them.

And, please stop by or call to check up on family members and neighbors who might be vulnerable to this hot weather. The City has every resource ready to save lives — if you lend us your eyes and ears.