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Posted on 06.07.07
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  • Posted on 06.07.07

Nothing more erodes faith in government than stories about officials serving themselves rather than the public — and nothing being done about it.

Recently, my office received an allegation about misconduct in the Fire Department. According to the correspondent, probationary firefighters were asked by department officials to do work on private property while on duty.

We have asked the police department to conduct a preliminary review to determine if there is any credibility to the allegation and, if the allegation is credible, if the act alleged rises to the level of criminal behavior.

An allegation is not a fact. And not every bad fact is a crime.

If, after preliminary review, the allegation is not credible, we will make it public and explain why there was nothing to it. If, however, it seems to have some foundation, we will then determine which law enforcement agency is best suited to conduct a more detailed investigation. The results of that full investigation will determine what happens next.