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Posted on 04.26.12
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  • Posted on 04.26.12

Veteran alderwoman Phyllis Young and some colleagues have proposed a plan to reduce the size of the Board of Aldermen over time. I give the idea a solid A for inspiration, Incomplete for execution, and D for timing.

Government absolutely does need to be smaller and more efficient. This would be smaller.

I have been a president of the Board of Aldermen myself. I know that President Reed is going to have his hands full on this one.

There are 29 votes on the Board. It is likely going to be difficult to get 15 aldermen to agree that there ought to be only 12 of them in the future.

As mayor, my concerns are very immediate. I am focused on making sure that city services are delivered to our residents and businesses. I hope that the discussion of this topic does not overshadow the more urgent topics of next year's budget and pension reform.