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Posted on 12.15.05
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  • Posted on 12.15.05

Often, the best hope for an institution’s future depends on a few personalities. Here are my profiles to two people critical to the improvement of St. Louis public schools:

Dr. Creg Williams is the educator and leader this district has long lacked. Agree or disagree with this superintendent on any single decision, but grant that he is doing whatever he thinks it takes to improve test scores, encourage more graduations, ensure that schools are safe, put better (and better paid) teachers in the classrooms, and make prudent use of the community’s resources.

Darnetta Clinkscale has the toughest unpaid job in the City. As president of the Board of Education, Darnetta inherited years of institutional ineptness — broken systems, run-down facilities, bloated non-teaching bureaucracies, unengaged parents, ill-trained teachers, and an immediate financial crisis. She has accomplished much in the last three years — always with good humor. She deserves our thanks — and our continued support.