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Posted on 02.10.09
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  • Posted on 02.10.09

The simmering controversy over a standing decision by St. Louis Public School District administrators to discourage the sale and re-use of vacant SLPS buildings as charter schools has overshadowed an important statement by superintendent Kelvin Adams that was buried at the end of a story in this week’s Suburban Journal.

According to the Sub Journal reporter, Dr. Adams said the public school district could open five charter schools of its own next year. He said that these charters, like the public charter schools currently attended by about 9,000 of the City’s children, would have autonomy in their administration and governing board and more flexibility in their school days and types of curriculum.

The story quotes Dr. Adams as saying: "I think it’s an admission that we have to look for other options. Magnet schools are a similar kind of piece. It’s a city issue. It’s not a charter issue or SLPS issue. It’s about raising the quality of education in the city of St. Louis."

This is a very positive development.

I am a supporter of quality public charter schools. So are President Barack Obama and the parents of thousands of City children. Now we know that the new SLPS superintendent is, too.

How about those buildings?