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Posted on 12.20.07
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  • Posted on 12.20.07

There is some encouraging evidence that the St. Louis public school district has begun making the sorts of organizational and cultural changes that will allow St. Louis teachers, staff, and administrators to work as a team to improve educational outcomes for City students.

A recent message from Superintendent Diana Bourisaw noted that dozens of district staffers, including members of Local 420 and Local 44, had participated in training conducted by a trained mediator. The point of the two days of sessions was to change the dynamic of upcoming contract negotiations from win/lose to win/win. Dr. Bourisaw attributed the success of the training to “the spirit of cooperation that has begun to permeate SLPS under district leadership and various union leaders, including: Mary Armstrong, President of Local 420; Dr. Cynthia Warren, Local 44 and principal of Clark Elementary; and Graylon Brown, Uniserve Director for MNEA, which represents school nurses.

Good news.